‘Time To Start A New Chapter’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she sees”more opportunities than risks” in her strategy to deliver the leadership of her party in a December congress.

Merkel said she finally bears the responsibility to get her fourth-term administration’s poor beginning and there have to be fluctuations. She said Monday that it is”time to initiate a new chapter”

Merkel intends to stay chancellor for the remainder of the parliamentary term, which ends up 2021, however, stated she will not run again and will not find any political office.

She intends to present her conservative Christian Democratic Union party the chance for renewal when retaining the reins of government.

German Health Minister Jens Spahn is allegedly throwing his name into the hat for a candidate to succeed Merkel as chief of this party.

The rough young conservative and sometime critic of Merkel was appointed health minister in March in what had been regarded as a desire from the chancellor to incorporate critics to her administration.

The dpa news agency, without citing its sources, reported Monday that the 38-year old informed a leadership meeting of the CDU he intends to run for party leader in a congress in December.

Spahn was a major advocate of the Christian Democrats constructing a flatter conservative profile which contrasts with Merkel’s centrist strategy. He’s taken a hard line on Germany’s method of integrating immigrants.

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‘Time To Start A New Chapter’

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