That Was Traumatic! See as a Panicked Ariana Grande Accidentally Gets Hurt at a Haunted Escape Space With James Corden

Back when Ariana Grande filmed her”Carpool Karaoke” section for The Late Late Show in August, she and James Corden took a detour to see 60OUT Escape Rooms’ The Orphanage. This component of the sketch did not air until Tuesday–just in time for Halloween, her favorite vacation.

“I love being scared,” Grande said. “I think that it’s so much pleasure.”

The”God Is a Woman” singer inserted she will frequently visit haunted homes. “Usually escape chambers are not that frightening, but I really do adore escape chambers,” she advised the late host host. “We ought to do you.”

“I have never done ,” Corden explained. “I would do one with you”

After they stepped Grande was not as courageous as she had made herself out to be.

“Oh, it is dark!” She cried. “No, no, no, no!”

As lighting flickered and cryptic sounds echoed through the halls, Grande’s fear only intensified. “You told me it had been a getaway space,” she shrieked. “Oh, my God! Exactly what the f–k?”

While they were in the very first area, Corden and Grande chose to hold hands as they hunted for a way out. “I really don’t wish to touch someone!” The pop superstar said in panic. “Is there a individual in here” After Corden knocked, a light came on and he discovered a secret on a horse.

From the next area, Grande said,”Oh, there’s mattress. That is tight.”

A kid jumped from one of those beds, along with a fearful Grande cried,”You are a bitch!”

After making their way into another area, Grande crawled to a fireplace to try to find a clue. “I am gonna pass ,” she explained. “I can not do it” Corden took the lead and discovered a hint, which brought them to the last room. After Grande solved the mystery, a man entered the room and crawled in their own direction. Startled, the diminutive diva dropped into the floor, hurting herself in the procedure. After they’d escaped and were at the vehicle, Grande told Corden,”That was gloomy.”

“I am not gont lie–do not I seem kind of challenging?” Grande asked, taking a look at her hand. “I have done 300 escape chambers. That is not an escape area; that is among those seven gates to hell!”

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That Was Traumatic! See as a Panicked Ariana Grande Accidentally Gets Hurt at a Haunted Escape Space With James Corden

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