Terrorist gunman storms Crimean faculty and detonates’home-made bomb’ at cafeteria, killing at least 18

At least 18 individuals have died and scores injured Wednesday following an explosion went off in a polytechnic college in the Crimean city of Kerch.

The Kremlin-appointed mind of Crimea, Sergey Aksyonov, stated the defendant was a 22-year old pupil in the school.

The defendant, identified at the Russian media because Vladislav Roslyakov, allegedly acquired a hunting license – enabling him to buy hunting rifles and shotguns – early last month.

A photograph of Roslyakov weilding a gun at a campus stairwell has made the rounds on social networking.

Reports indicate that, beside detonating an explosive at the college cafeteria, Roslyakov opened fire on fellow pupils and teachers. In accordance with Aksyonov, the shooter killed himself during the assault.

Russia’s investigative committee has started a criminal case under content pertaining to terrorism.

Law enforcement officials arrive at the scene of the bombing Charge: TASS


In January, 15 pupils were hurt when two teenagers assaulted their peers in a college in Perm as a portion of a Columbine prompted assault.

Crimea, formally acknowledged by the global community as part of Ukraine, was under Russian control because 2014 after Moscow’s annexation of the Black Sea Peninsula.

Kerch is situated on the eastern point of Crimea, in which a bridge into the Russian mainland lately opened.

Videos in the scene circulated Wednesday on Russian social websites series dread and confusion about the campus.

One movie shared on a favorite telegram station, Mash, featured a listing of a girl telling her friend about the explosion and potential shooters.

“The faculty had been dismissed,” the anonymous woman started in her movie,”We conducted and children simply laid there. My buddy was murdered right before my eyes. I saw her drop and she did not move any longer. I found the way the boys just dropped.”

Other unconfirmed reports on Russian social networks and at the regional media feature comparable reports of feasible shooters on the campus of the polytechnic faculty – an institute which specializes in vocational instruction for teens.

A movie printed by local information outlet Kerch.com.ru revealed the head of this faculty describing the occasions to a person on the telephone as a different Beslan – speaking to a dreadful 2004 terrorist seige to a school in North Ossetia which led to the death of over 300 individuals, many kids.


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Terrorist gunman storms Crimean faculty and detonates’home-made bomb’ at cafeteria, killing at least 18

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