Interpol President Reported Missing Throughout Trip To China

PARIS (AP) — The president of Interpol was reported lost after traveling into his native China, a French judicial official said Friday.

Meng Hongwei’s spouse reported Friday that she hadn’t heard from her 64-year old husband because the end of September, when he abandoned Lyon, France, in which Interpol is established, ” said that the officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity to supply details of a continuing investigation.

The officer stated Meng did arrive at China.

In a statement, Interpol said that it was aware of reports concerning Meng’s disappearance and added”that is an issue for the relevant authorities in both France and China.” The announcement stated that Interpol’s secretary general, rather than its president, is in charge of the global police agency’s operations.

There was no additional word on Meng’s program in China or that which prompted his wife to wait till today to report his absence.

Meng was chosen president of Interpol at November 2016. His term runs until 2020.

He’s held many different places within China’s security institution, such as as a vice president of public safety — the federal police force — because 2004. Meanwhile, he served as head and deputy head of branches of the coast guard, while holding places at Interpol.

News of this investigation to Meng’s disappearance came through a weeklong public holiday in China. In Beijing, the public and foreign safety ministries didn’t immediately respond to calls and faxed requests for comment Friday.

Meng’s responsibilities in China could have set him in close proximity to former leaders, a few of whom had fallen afoul of President Xi Jinping’s sweeping crackdown on corruption. Specifically, Meng probably dealt broadly with former security chief Zhou Yongkang, who’s presently serving a life sentence for corruption.

Xi has also put a premium on getting the yield of officials and businesspeople convicted of fraud and corruption from overseas, making Meng’s standing even more sensitive.

When Meng was chosen in 2016 as Interpol president, rights groups expressed concern he would pursue a schedule of politicized policing that targeted Xi’s competitions.


Bodeen reported by Beijing.

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Interpol President Reported Missing Throughout Trip To China

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