Over 100 Dead Following Tanzania Ferry Sinks On Lake Victoria

KAMPALA, Uganda (AP) — The death toll climbed over 100 after a ferry capsized and sank on Lake Victoria, Tanzania country radio reported Friday, even though a second day of saving attempts hurried the setting sunlight.

The cost was likely to move upward, John Mongella, commissioner to the Mwanza area, told The Associated Press after heaps of security volunteers and forces resumed work at daybreak.

“Over 200 individuals are feared dead,” according to accounts from cyclists and many others nearby, since passengers were coming from a busy market day, Tanzania Red Cross spokeswoman Godfrida Jola told the AP. “However, nobody understands” how many people were on board.

Such ferries frequently take hundreds of passengers and are overcrowded.
President John Magufuli advocated the nation to stay calm.

At least 37 individuals were rescued in the sunken ferry at Thursday evening, when rescue teams called their work immediately.

No foreigners were discovered among the dead, Mwanza authorities commander Jonathan Shanna said Friday.

The passenger ferry MV Nyerere was traveling between Ukara and Bugolora as it sank, according to the government agency responsible for servicing the boats.

Injuries tend to be reported to the huge freshwater lake surrounded by Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. A few of the deadliest have happened in Tanzania, in which passenger ships are often reported to be older and in bad condition.

In 1996, over 800 individuals died when passenger and freight ferry MV Bukoba dropped on Lake Victoria.

Almost 200 individuals died in 2011 if the MV Spice Islander I awakened Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coast near Zanzibar.


Associated Press writer Cara Anna at Johannesburg contributed.

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Over 100 Dead Following Tanzania Ferry Sinks On Lake Victoria

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